About Level

Level is a Dutch manufacturer of adult lifestyle products such as condoms and lubricants. Level is a young company and develops the most intimate lifestyle products of high quality with full enthusiasm in order to offer you the best and most intense and intimate experience.

Reliability & Quality of Level

Because intimate products like condoms and lubricants must meet high expectations, we believe that quality and innovation is very important. Level products are therefore always subject to rigorous safety tests and tested by a specific custom test panel. Only when all the lights in this complex process are green then the products are put on the market. Therefore we can be sure hat we stand 100% behind all our products.


We believe that all products by Level should be luxurious and also show this. Aside the fact that products are very reliable and need to be of high quality, they also need to be user-friendly and something that will give you just a little extra. For instance, the bottles of Level Lubricant are very sturdy, do not leak and allow you to use the perfect dosage so you won't ever have to use more than needed, and not spill. The dark bottles with shiny letters provide the finishing touch when it comes to their look.


Innovation is very important to us. Sometimes existing products have been already so far developed that further innovation for this product is partially not necessary for the user. Then we leave this product as it is (Level Popular Condoms!). Yet we can leave this product like it is and develop it further at the same time and launch it next to the existing product. This is how the Level Performance Condom has come into existence for example: an anatomically designed condom which ensure that the male climax can be delayed in a natural way, without the addition of any chemical products.

Availability of Level

Level is available at various stores and online shops throughout Europe and therefore readily available at affordable prices. Visit the 'Where to Buy' page for a retailer or a webshop in your area!


With so many years of experience in the field of adult lifestyle products Level provides the most intense experiences and beautiful moments in your love life! Enjoy these luxurious lifestyle products by Level together with your partner and the passion in your love life will continue to grow and flourish!

Are you ready for the Next Level in your relationship?

CE Mark

All Level products bear the CE mark, which means that they are safe to use and meet all strict European rules and regulations. The Level Condoms even have the CE0120 number which means that they meet strict European legislation (Class IIB, Annex IX Rule 14 - Directive 93/42 / EEC for medical aids, Annex II, including Section 4: - EN ISO 4074:2002)

On each condom package and individual foil wrapper of the condom you will find the CE0120 number as well as the expiration date and LOT number. The LOT number indicates the number of the production process to which an independent testing report belongs to.

Each condom is tested electronically. This is done to determine whether the condom does not contain any leaks or tears. Furthermore, with every production a random number of condoms is tested with other tests to make sure that the condoms are safe to use.

Also every Level lubricant is provided with a LOT number on the label of the bottle. Again, this number refers to the manufacturing process and the testing report that goes with along with this. The Level lubricant is in accordance with all rules and regulations of the European Union.

Level products are safe to use.


At Level we believe it's very important that all our products are made of high quality materials and are qualitatively the best. To be sure of this everything is carefully carried out in the production process of a level product.

This means that from the design until the final product in the store everything is constantly under a magnifying glass. Everything is checked time and time again and tested for the quality and the use of the products. After all, when you buy a product from Level you should be sure that it's perfect and that it's really is an addition to your love life.

The Level Quality Control process is examined periodically and further improved if possible. We only want the best for you and we are well ahead of this.

The Level Condoms do not have the CE0120 certificate for nothing. This CE number means that Level condoms amply meets all the strict laws and regulations of the European Union. The condoms are manufactured packaged and tested according to the strict guidelines of the European Union. Each condom is electronically tested for leaks. From each produced batch of condoms a part of it is taken out for even stricter testing. When the condoms from this batch are approved then the other condoms from the batch can be sold.

The Level lubricant has the European CE number. The CE mark means that Level's lubricant absolutely meets the strict regulations and legislation of the European Union.

Press Releases Level


Level introduces Private Pleasure Condoms! The Private Pleasure Condom Line of Level consists of three different types of condoms and features the European CE0120 mark. The different types of Level Condoms are available at various sales outlets from now on.

About Level Condoms

Level presents three different types of condoms, each with its own unique feature. Each condom comes with a subtle vanilla mask so that it does not smell like standard rubber. This will benefit the mood. The Level Private Pleasure Condom line has been developed to keep the passion in a relationship high, allowing you to experience all the intimate and intense moments in a safe way.

    Level Popular Condoms: The standard condom of Level with a nominal width of 56mm and an anatomical fit. Equipped with lubricant and a subtle vanilla mask.
    Level Delicate Condoms: The ultra-thin condom of Level with a nominal width of 56mm and an anatomical fit. Thanks to this ultra-thin condom, you feel more while making love and you are as protected as with a standard condom. The Level Delicate Condoms feature lubricant and a subtle vanilla mask.
    Level Performance Condoms: With the Level Performance Condoms, the man can postpone his orgasm in a natural way. Thanks to the design, this condom is slightly thicker in the right places, so the man has less feeling and can last longer! This condom has a nominal width of 56mm and has an anatomical fit. Equipped with lubricant and a subtle vanilla mask.

Availability Level Private Pleasure Condoms

The different types of Level Condoms are available in packages of 5, 10 and 24 condoms. Level Condoms are available at www.DokterLifestyle.com and other online retail outlets.


07-02-2017 - Level proudly presents its new collection of lubricants: Shine! This collection of lubricants consists of five different types of lubricant. These affordable luxury products have been developed to uphold the passion in a relationship. From now on the different types of Level Lubricant are available at various online shops.

About Level Lubricant

Level introduces five different kinds of lubricant, each with its own unique feature. Level Lubricant is designed to keep up the passion in a relationship and allows you to experience more intimate and intense moments together.

    Level Lube Classic: Silicone lubricant with an extremely long glide!
    Level Lubricant Vitalize: Standard water-based lubricant, suitable for everyone.
    Level Energy Lubricant: The lubricant to delay the male climax to let you enjoy even more of an intense experience.
    Level Lubricant Velvet: A caring lubricant for those with a sensitive skin.
    Level Lubricant Hardcore: Thicker water-based lubricant for anal sex.

Availability Level Lubricant

The different types of Level Lubricants are available in luxurious bottles of 100ml. Level Lubricant is also available at the following online retail outlet: www.Erectiepillenwinkel.nl.

Terms and Conditions

1. Deliveries

Business deliveries have a delivery time of one to three days in the Netherlands. All other countries have a delivery time of four to seven business days.

2. Delivery time

Your Levels BV always tries to deliver from its stock as much as possible. In case the set delivery times can not be met you cannot hold us accountable for any damage resulting from this. When in doubt about the delivery schedule you can always contact us.

3. Warranty

The ordered products must be delivered in good condition. If this is not the case in spite of all care, please contact us. You should report any complaints immediately after you have received your order.

4. Payments

All orders must be paid as agreed to and are based on the invoice.

5. Prices

All prices are quoted in Euros excluding VAT.

6. Promotions

All promotions by Your Levels BV are subject to availability of the ordered products. If an item is on back order we will inform you about it. When you have agreed to receiving our newsletter you will be informed about any promotions and expansions of our assortment.

7. Liability

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8. Return Policy

Purchased products may be returned if:

    - It has not been opened;
    - It is not damaged;
    - Has not been delivered in an unopened package;
    - Has been delivered at least 6 months before the sell-by date as indicated on the product.

9. Invoices

An invoice expires when the concerning product is not available anymore. An invoice is valid until 7 days after release, and all typing errors of Your Levels BV. are reserved at all times.

10. Reservation of ownership

All deliveries by Your Levels BV remain property of Your Levels BV, until the customer has met all the requirements as stated in the Your Levels BV agreed upon arrangement. This includes the purchase price, possibly agreement surcharges due to these terms, interest, taxes, costs and damages. All delivered products which are still fall under the reservation of ownership may not be resold, and neither may be used as a form of payment. The customer is not authorized to hypothecate the products which fall under the reservation of ownership or encumber in any other way. If third parties seize the products delivered under retention or exercise rights from it the customer is required to notify Your Levels BV immediately.